Supervisory & Management

Management & Professional

Ongoing career development for supervisors and managers to support key skills and professional development.

ECITB Management & Professional training supports the professional development of supervisors, project managers and engineers. It develops their skills and abilities in ways that will bring immediate benefit to an engineering construction business. Leading to industry recognised qualifications, and ultimately chartered status for engineers, our management & professional courses share a common theme of project management excellence and effective team management. 

ECITB Supervisor Development Programmes

In today's environment, supervision is a career in its own right, with opportunities for individuals to progress to higher levels of supervision and management, or to develop into other areas such as construction or project management.

To support the development of supervisors in managing their career the ECITB has recently released an expanded and updated suite of supervisor development programmes developed in response to specifications created by employers in the industry.

The new programmes are based on the Supervisor Competence Framework for the Engineering Construction Industry which identifies three generic ‘levels’, or job families:


Typical job titles: Supervisor 1; Chargehand; Team Leader; 1st Line Supervisor; Chargehand (working); Area Lead 
Typical job titles: Supervisor 2; Lead Chargehand; Supervisor; 
Foreman; 2nd Line Supervisor; Lead Engineer
Senior Supervisor:
Typical job titles: Supervisor 3; Superintendent; Staff Supervisor; Chief Engineer; Workshop Manager; Installation Manager

The Supervisor Competence Framework also identifies nine areas of competence common to all levels of supervisor covering both technical and leadership / management. Each is broken down into multiple levels of detail which are defined for the above levels, along with a self-assessment tool for supervisors to use. The Supervisor Competence Framework can be downloaded here

The new courses are shown in the diagram below. They include on-course assessments which lead to the award of an ECITB Certificate of Achievement and/or other recognition as shown.

The core courses shown can be combined with other ECITB development opportunities including the NVQ3 Diploma in Management (leading to the award of the industry-recognised ACE card) and other courses, including Project Management and Coaching Skills. Courses can also be used as the scheme of work to achieve ILM or CMI certification if required.

The content and structure of the new programmes is described below:

Chargehand training

A single two day course covering the principles of "Taking CHARGE":

Communicate effectively:
The basics of communication, leadership qualities, communicating your message, and feedback.
Hold yourself and your team accountable:
Roles and Responsibilities, Leadership.
Assert yourself:
Assertiveness skills, managing difficult situations and challenging behaviour.
Review people, performance and progress:
Methods of monitoring performance, recognising and managing poor performance, developing and guiding your team / feedback.
Govern people and events:
Preventing accidents, H&S legislation and information, employment law, managing difficult situations, and challenging behaviour.
Engage with team and partners:
Working in partnership, preventing accidents, managing upwards, developing and guiding your team, building team spirit


Supervisor training

A series of 1, 2, 3 & 4 day modules which may be taken individually:

Supervisor Training Modules

Senior supervisor training

A single course lasting typically around 18 months and leading to the Chartered Management Institute Level 5 Diploma in Leadership & Management. It consists of an induction day, six two-day taught modules each of which is linked to CMI assessments, and a Management Project. Successful candidates may be able to apply for Chartered Manager status with CMI. The modules can be accessed below:

Senior Supervisor Training Modules

One day interactive training workshops

Coaching skills

Who is it for?

It is suitable for team leaders at all levels of an organisation and for others who have a responsibility, or the need, to facilitate a person’s development to make them effective in their position, or help them towards promotion. Prior knowledge of coaching is not assumed or required.

Coaching Skills

Delivering Training Effectively

Who is it for?

This course is intended to support individuals at all levels to deliver pre-prepared and / or company training packages, e.g. the rollout of new systems or procedures across a company or project.

Delivering Training effectively

NAECI industrial relations course

Who is it for?

This highly interactive course is best run when project based and presented to mixed groups of supervisors, managers and shop stewards.

Course Content

  • Increasing awareness of the NAECI and relevant employment law
  • Interpersonal skills and behaviours necessary to effective team working and leadership


  • The overall aims of the workshop are to develop and promote within delegates:
  • An awareness of the ‘high level’ aims and provisions of the NAECI, including why it is important to the UK and the ECI
  • An understanding of the scope of the NAECI and its main substantive and procedural provisions
  • An appreciation of the important interpersonal behaviours in ‘first line’ employee relations and the skills required to apply those behaviours
  • Recognition of the responsibility that all employees have to their employers and the projects on which they are employed
  • Promotes a better working environment by helping Supervisors and Shop Stewards work together to avoid/resolve people related problems
  • Deals with relevant aspect of employment law. 
  • Identifies crucial roles and responsibilities of the workforce

Duration: 2 Days