What We Do

The ECITB’s Research & Development Department (R&D) is key to understanding, defining and meeting the skills needs of the sector. R&D works with employers to reveal where skills gaps exist and then helps them to define what training and accreditation the industry needs us to put in place to help support a fully competent workforce.

R&D’s work falls into three main areas:

  • Feasibility studies and research: R&D carry out studies to ascertain whether new learning & development products and services need to be developed to meet the industry’s ever changing requirement. We investigate how many individuals might benefit from these new products and analyse where existing products may or may not meet the industry need, who might be best suited to offer these products and services and where existing products and services are available in the market already.
  • Product Development, maintenance and support: Once a need is established it is fully defined in terms of outcomes and objectives and the team works to develop a product that suits the requirement. The ECITB’s range of Learning & Development products extends from regulated qualifications and skills passport schemes through to apprenticeship frameworks and fully audited training programmes, tests and in some cases tailored awards that recognise transferability of skills across the sector. R&D works extensively with employers and the regulating authorities across the UK.
  • Consultancy: R&D staff have a vast range of skills gained in the learning & development function that includes expertise in training needs analysis, training design, learning delivery and observing teaching practise as well as vast knowledge of the regulatory requirements of qualification development, apprenticeship frameworks and standards development and are available to discuss and advise on these issues.