What We Do

The ECITB is a recognised Awarding Organisation and Great Britain’s principal Awarding Organisation for engineering construction qualifications. We are regulated by Ofqual, Qualifications Wales and SQA Accreditation to develop and award vocational qualifications in England, Wales and Scotland. Working in conjunction with employers, we offer a range of qualifications which support the needs of industry across all engineering construction sectors. Our qualifications certify learning and validate and recognise competence in craft and technical skills, as well as in supervisory, management and professional disciplines.

Delivery of a comprehensive suite of credible qualifications is fundamental to achieving and improving quality and standards for the industry, as well as securing national and global competiveness.

We are passionate about quality and in supporting learners in developing and recognising skills, knowledge and understanding enabling them to work safely and competently and in assisting them to achieve personal development and career aspirations.

Our purpose is to support the ECITB mission statement of securing engineering construction skills now and for the future by helping attract, develop and qualify engineering construction personnel.


The awarding organisation is governed by the ECITB Qualifications & Awards Committee. Consisting of employers across Britain and Union representation, the Committee oversees the regulation and award of all ECITB qualifications, in line with the prevailing requirements of the various qualification regulators.

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