Regulated Qualifications

ECITB qualifications for England now sit in the Regulated Qualifications  Framework (RQF)

The Regulated Qualifications Framework (RQF) replaced the Qualifications and Credit Framework (QCF) on 1st October 2015.  Previously different frameworks existed for the different types of regulated qualifications but all qualifications that are now regulated in England sit within this new framework. 

There is no change to the number of qualification levels, although there have been some changes to the level descriptors, which no longer include autonomy and accountability.  Previous QCF requirements such as credit and units have been made optional.  Unlike the QCF, there is no set template for RQF qualifications.  Awarding organisations have been granted greater flexibility in how they design, deliver and assess qualifications but are accountable to the regulator for the validity of all qualifications.

All qualifications now require Total Qualification Time (TQT) to be specified, which includes Guided Learning Hours, study/preparation/training etc. and assessment.

We are in a phasing in period for the RQF.  ECITB has until December 2017 to be compliant with all its requirements, including removal of the term ‘QCF’ from qualifications and literature. QCF ‘type’ qualifications can still be delivered under RQF but will not be known by this term.  So don’t be surprised to see this term in circulation with awarding organisations up until this date. It does not mean that the QCF is still around.

ECITB Qualifications in Wales Post QCF

The QCF was included as a pillar of the Credit and Qualifications Framework in Wales (CQFW).  This is now the Regulated Qualifications pillar after the removal of the QCF.  The regulator, Qualifications Wales, has adopted the same level descriptors and TQT requirements as Ofqual for the Requlated Qualifications pillar.

Wales now has a new database, Qualifications in Wales (QiW), which is a comprehensive source of information on approved and designated qualifications awarded in Wales.  This system replaced DAQW on 1st April 2016 with a more modern and functional system for searching these qualifications. 

ECITB has a single set of qualifications approved for use in both England and Wales.

SCQF (Qualifications in Scotland) Scottish Competence Based Qualifications (CBQs)

The ECITB's vocational qualifications system has changed to become more responsive to the specific needs of employers and learners. Scottish Vocational Qualifications (SVQs) have been replaced by Competence Based Qualifications (CBQs), and have been credit rated and levelled for the Scottish Credit and Qualifications Framework, or SCQF.

As the Awarding Body for the engineering construction industry, all qualifications awarded by the ECITB in Scotland are now within the SCQF.

Qualifications accredited in the SCQF have been detailed in the ECITB's Sector Qualifications Strategy and employers can be confident that they reflect a real industry need and development has been employer led.

The ECITB consults the engineering construction industry on the way the ECITB qualifications are designed and delivered.  The ECITB has not only improved current ECITB qualifications, but has introduced new ones as well to meet identified industry needs and provide clear career progression pathways. Qualifications are available across all disciplines.

The SCQF presents qualifications in a way that is easy for everyone to understand and they will be used in all ECITB programmes.