How can Vocational Qualifications (VQs) benefit me? 

There are many benefits of achieving a VQ in your chosen profession, of which the most frequently noted are:

  • VQs are recognised by the engineering construction industry as the benchmark of competence across the craft, technician and professional occupations.
  • VQs prove your competence to employers and increase your marketability to prospective employers.
  • Each VQ is developed by people who know the industry.
  • Rigorous assessment process ensures integrity of VQs.
  • Assessor led assessment ensures unobtrusive and minimal disruption to work.
  • The qualification is recognised as valuable by the industry.
  • By gaining a VQ, you are making a strong statement about your desire to achieve.
  • VQs are flexible. There is, within reason, no time limit set for gaining the qualification.
  • Candidates can work through the qualification unit by unit.
  • There is no age barrier or special entry requirement.
  • Your previous experience is taken into account.
  • VQs are strongly work related.
  • Achievement of an ECITB VQ in a relevant occupation can lead to the issue of an ACE card.

Frequently asked questions: 

What VQs do you offer?

VQs are available throughout a wide range of occupations within the engineering construction industry. Please click here for full list of our qualifications.

Do I need to go college or training courses?

The assessment process is carried out in the workplace, so there is no requirement for you to attend college or any training courses.

Do I need to take any tests or exams?

There are no formal tests or exams to be sat as the assessment is a measure of your competence to perform work place activities within your normal work environment.

Do I need to complete the VQ within a specified time?

There are no time restrictions. Using your assessor for guidance, you can plan the assessments to suit both you and your employer’s needs.

On average the total time to complete an assessment is 20 hours depending on the type of work that you are doing and whether it is sufficient to cover the whole qualification.

I have a City & Guilds certification. Does this qualify me for a VQ?

No, the assessment process requires on-site observation of you performing work place activities within your normal work environment. As VQs do not allow exemptions, certification such as City & Guilds cannot be used as evidence of competence but will assist with the underpinning knowledge and understanding elements of the qualification.

What are the costs involved?

As every Approved Centre set their own fee structure, you will need to contact them directly.

How do I find an Approved Centre near me?

Please click here for full list of our Approved Centres.

How do I apply for a replacement VQ certificate?

To apply for a replacement VQ certificate, please use the Contact Us form.

Please note that there is a fee of £30.00 per certificate for this service.

How do I provide feedback?

We are always aiming to improve the quality of our services and welcome feedback to help us to achieve this. If these FAQs above have not answered your query, or you have a complaint, or any suggestions for improvement about any of the services that ECITB provides, then please use the Contact Us form.