Become an Approved Centre

To be able to deliver our qualifications you will first need to become an approved centre. The full procedure and related forms is linked below however, should you wish to discuss anything, we will be happy to answer your queries.

Procedure for achieving Approved Centre status

Accreditation procedure

Once a decision has been taken to formally apply the applying organisation will complete the Application for ECITB approved centre recognition. On completion the form must be returned to the VQ administrator. The VQ administrator will acknowledge receipt of the application form to the applicant and forward the form to the ECITB lead quality assurer for processing.

The approval process may require several visits to be made before full compliance to the approved centre criteria is met. The production of an approved centre action plan will help with the planning of visits and determining time-scales to ensure the organisation will successfully achieve approved centre status.

Only organisations with the necessary resources, systems, commitment, and expertise to support the consistent delivery, assessment, and quality assurance of a qualification are given approved centre status.


Organisations applying for approved centre status must declare if they have had any previous application for approval refused or withdrawn or have any tariffs or sanctions currently placed on any approved centre that they operate.

For further information on becoming an Approved Centre, please call the ECITB on 01923 260000

Direct Claims

Direct claims status will not be granted to Approved Centres until after the initial cohort of candidates has been certificated and an EQA judgement has confirmed approval.

Regulatory Body Requirements

The Awarding Organisation will approve centres to deliver VQs to ensure that all centres comply with the approval criteria laid down by OfQual in the General Conditions of Recognition or by SQAs Accreditation Regulatory Principles (2011).

If a centre wishes to deliver VQs in England, Wales and Scotland they must comply with both Ofqual and SQA requirements.

Approved centres must inform the Awarding Organisation of any changes, which will affect the centre’s ability to continue to meet the full requirements of the approved centre criteria. Records of such information and agreed action plans to rectify the situation will be retained by the Awarding Organisation.

Post Approval Monitoring

Awarding Organisations must monitor and maintain the quality and consistency of assessment practices within and between their approved centres offering the same qualification as part of the quality assurance and control arrangements.

The Awarding Organisation will provide details of the post approval monitoring process to approved centres. Approved centres have an obligation to provide the Awarding Organisation and the regulatory authorities, upon request, access to premises, meetings, candidate assessment records, documents and data, candidates and staff. Where a centre fails to respond to such requests the Awarding Organisation must suspend the centre’s right to claim certification until such access is given.

Assessors and Internal Quality Assurers

Organisations must ensure that they have the staff qualified to assess and internally verify qualifications that they wish to offer. It will be acceptable to approve a centre where an organisation has an assessor and internal verifier in “training” for the completion of the appropriate qualifications. The proposed assessor and internal verifier must be able to prove that they have the appropriate occupational expertise required for the delivery of the qualification to be assessed and internally verified.

Assessors are also required to be occupationally competent. Guidance for assessor and internal quality assurer occupational expertise and competence for ECITB awards are provided within the appropriate Standard Setting Body Assessment Strategy for use by the approved centres. The Assessment Strategies can be found by clicking the links below:

Assessment Strategy for Craft, Technician, Technical, Expediting and Project Control

Assessment Strategy for Management and Leadership

An Awarding Organisation may allow such centres to register candidates, but no claim for a candidate qualification can be processed until both assessor and internal quality assurer candidates have achieved the necessary qualifications and satisfied the approval criteria. Assessors and internal quality assurers must be sufficient in number to carry out the processes and procedures required to provide a candidate the necessary support and guidance and must act consistently within the centre and across all assessment locations for the qualifications as offered by the approved centre.