The upstream oil and gas sector in the UK involves the extraction and exploration of new supply fields, and to providing treatment facilities. The UK continental shelf (UKCS) is home to 99% of the UK’s oil and gas production.

This sector has been an industrial domestic and international success story for over 50 years, providing 50% of the UK’s primary energy needs.

In 2014 the overall industry supply chain supported the employment of 375,000. A quarter of the UK based workforce is spending time on overseas activities.

This mature industry in the UK is currently in the era of Maximising Economic Recovery and cost saving mode, which has led to a series of job reductions across the industry and a resulting impact upon skills and training activity. However the importance of maintaining skills investment for the future is recognised.

The current climate may result in accelerated decommissioning plans, witnessed by the announcement of the Fairfield Decommissioning programme in 2015. Decommissioning is set to be the growth sector with anticipated £1bn to be spent in 2016 increasing to £2.5bn per annum over the next 5-10 years.

Offshore Project Management

The Project Management activities of the ECITB in the Offshore region, are lead and supported by the Offshore Project Management Steering Group (OPMSG), a voluntary team which was formed at the request of Industry. Our vision is to continually impart good practice in project execution within Oil & Gas related organisations through knowledge sharing within the sector and knowledge transfer to and from other sectors within the engineering construction industry.

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