Employers & Apprentices

Your role as an employer

Your commitment as an employer consists of support through the three year training programme. All ECITB Apprenticeship programmes require that the company either employs the apprentice throughout the whole, or a significant part of their apprenticeship.

Throughout the programme, the employer works with the training provider and the apprentice to agree the Training Plan and evaluate progress. It is possible for the employer to also act as the training provider, if accredited by the ECITB.

For their second and third years, the apprentice will be working for the employer on-site. During this period, they will be supervised by a company mentor and monitored by an ECITB Account Manager and/or ECITB appointed Assessor to ensure that national standards are met.

What support can you get?

During their first year (or first 2 years for Technician Apprentices) the company will support the apprentice with a training allowance followed by the standard rate of pay for the job during the second and third years.

ECITB grants support apprenticeship schemes, provided the programme includes a minimum of 26 weeks off-the-job training. Grants of up to £10,000 may be paid to the company employing the apprentice.

How to get involved

The ECITB promotes the ECITB apprenticeships through schools and colleges and a wide variety of careers events. Companies can use the scheme as part of their normal recruitment drive.

Applications have to be made by around March/April in the year that training is due to commence.

Companies need to be registered with the ECITB.

For further information, contact your ECITB Account Manager. Details can be found in the Our Locations tab.

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