Malcolm Wall

Malcolm Wall

Malcolm began his four year apprenticeship in 1989, aged 16. Since then, his ECITB apprenticeship has led to a number of career opportunities.

Starting his apprenticeship at NETA Training in Stockton-on-Tees, Malcolm completed three months of rotational training across the various trades available.

Malcolm chose to become a Plater and spent the next eighteen months learning the intricacies and techniques of the craft.

During his time at NETA, Malcolm also attended college where he completed his City & Guilds and BTEC qualifications.

In 1991, Malcolm started at Redpath Engineering Services in Teesside, where he worked both on site and in the fabrication workshops on large scale oil, gas and chemical projects.

After completing his apprenticeship, Malcolm enrolled at Northumbria University to study Mechanical Engineering. Graduating four years later, he immediately secured work as an engineer with Foster Wheeler in Reading and Oman. He said: "The fact that I had completed an ECITB apprenticeship prior to my degree definitely played an important part in differentiating me from the others who applied for the job - it certainly helped me to secure the role."

Employers recognise and value apprenticeships, so with hard work you could rise through the ranks quickly. Malcolm is now a Programme Manager with Wood plc based at Sellafield, he is a Fellow of the IMechE and his latest qualification is a Master's degree in Project Management from Manchester University. Since being an apprentice, Malcolm also has gained qualifications in Business and Leadership and he has also gathered significant experience in the Oil, Gas, Chemical, Pharmaceutical and Nuclear Industries.

Malcolm Wall