Eve Taylor

Eva Taylor

Eve Taylor knew nothing about engineering construction when she was at school, but thanks to a successful ECITB Apprenticeship in Project Controls she's now well on her way to building her career in the industry.

Eve is employed by AMEC's Power & Process Europe. She started an apprenticeship after completing her A levels, having decided university was not for her.

Eve said:

"Doing an apprenticeship gave me the opportunity to earn money whilst learning a profession. I knew nothing about engineering construction, but I heard an advert for apprenticeships on the radio which piqued my interest. With construction engineering being a part of nearly all aspects of today’s modern world, trained professionals will always be in demand, regardless of the specific discipline they studied in school. That’s really appealing. I think if you perform well in any of the engineering fields, you’ll almost certainly find yourself highly employable, regardless of the discipline you chooseWith advancing technologies, there will always be opportunities to learn and there are lots of different career paths to choose from."

Eve has completed her Level 3 qualification and a Foundation degree in Project Controls, and now wants to complete an Honours degree in Business Management.

Competition has never been greater in the job market and it's important that you grab every opportunity for competitive advantage and stay one step ahead. As well as having technical skills, being an effective team player is an important factor for selection. Eve has already proved to be a real team player, as an active member of 'AMECable' – which won ECITB's prestigious ACTIVE Cup Competition. Triumphing in this grueling and intense event required full participation, the ability to develop positive relationships and camaraderie as well as demonstrating a high level of competence. 

Eva Taylor