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ACTIVE Project Management Cup

These girls can!

On Friday 22nd January, the first ACTIVE Cup of 2016 commenced. We, ie Angelina Elliot, Avril Goodenough, Nicola Merriman, Rachel Sweeney and Dawn Thompson, with some trepidation joined 8 other teams from companies across the EDP to take on the project management challenge at Cranfield University.

The day started at 8.15am when we all registered and were allocated our ‘office’ for the weekend. After a morning of introductions, lectures and advice on how to approach the challenge of building an environmental defence project, the intensity began.

As the only all-female team in the competition, the name ‘Spice Girls’ seemed apt, and we hoped to be as successful as the real ones. Armed with a plethora of post-it notes, flip charts, Blu-tack and every other stationery commodity you could imagine we started planning. By the end of the first day (11.30pm) we had set a plan, worked out a budget, forecast a profit and were ready to start building.

Day two started at 7am with us all heading back in the ‘office’. Having negotiated a bank loan with the bank manager we completed our first Action form and submitted it before the 8.45am deadline. Thus followed a succession of allocating resources, ordering plant and consumables, submitting more Action forms, collecting Progress reports and sheer panic! All in roughly 20 minute segments…..

By close of play (10.30pm) we were 18 weeks through the project, with the final push planned for Sunday morning.

After starting at 8.30am on Sunday morning we finally completed the project at 12.30pm. Exhausted, but exhilarated! All we had to do then was prepare a presentation for the judges.

The competition was won by CB & I, very worthy winners! However, we didn’t disgrace ourselves as we were awarded the ‘Most Improved Team Award’ and left Cranfield at 4.30pm clutching our Cranfield Teddy Bears. We also beat the performance of the previous ECITB ACTIVE Cup team.

We learnt and were reminded of the importance of planning and that having a pre-plan for the plan is just as important. Taking part in this efficient environment highlighted ways in which we can improve our ECITB processes as well as how the Active Cup Principles can continuously provide a great learning environment for all staff!!

A thoroughly enjoyable weekend, although totally draining. Cramming a 30 week project into 30 segments of around 20 minutes is not for the faint hearted but if you have the chance to take part then do it, you won’t regret it!

SPICE UP YOUR LIFE with the ACTIVE Cup Challenge – Next event is in June!

ECITB Cup participants

ECITB ACTIVE Cup participants