International Health & Safety Passport (IHSP)


The aims of the ECITB International Health & Safety Passport scheme are to ensure that all site personnel worldwide have reached a recognised level of Health & Safety knowledge and awareness and to enable them to work on site more safely with reduced risk to themselves and others.

To ensure that individuals have reached the required level of Health & Safety knowledge, they MUST successfully complete a training course and an examination. Successful candidates will then be issued a photographic passport transferable worldwide. The training courses are specifically designed for the construction and engineering construction industries and are relevant to the following sectors:

  • oil & gas,
  • power,
  • renewable energy,
  • nuclear,
  • chemical,
  • pharmaceutical,
  • food,
  • shipbuilding and all other construction projects including new build and transportation networks.

The courses are interactive and can be delivered in the language of your choice. The content can be localised to reflect the country or region where the workforce will operate. Individuals must renew their passports every three years to ensure their Health & Safety knowledge is current. Quality assurance of the ECITB International Health & Safety Passport courses is of paramount importance to the ECITB therefore only ECITB approved centres can deliver the courses and regular audits are conducted to ensure the quality of delivery is of the highest standard and operating procedures are always adhered to.

Benefits of the ECITB Health & Safety Passport courses

Enhances Health & Safety Awareness

• Suitable for all members of the workforce

• Internationally recognised passports

• Contributes to significantly reduced accidents and loss time incidents

• Successful candidates receive an ECITB International Health & Safety photographic passport, issued and regulated by the ECITB

• Individual knowledge and understanding is maintained through a three year renewal process

• Transferable – site/countries

• Quality assured approval and delivery processes regularly reviewed

ECITB International Health & Safety Passport

Foundation Course

This is a one day ECITB International Health & Safety Passport Foundation Course, dealing generically with safe working practices including elementary behavioural safety practice. It is suitable for all members of a workforce.

Session 1: Fundamental Safety Considerations

• Safety Culture

• Personal Risk Factors

• Shaping Safety Behaviour/Perceptions

• Consequences of Accidents

• Cost of Accidents

Session 2: Hazards, Risk and Risk Control

• Definitions of Hazards and Risks

• Risk Assessments

• Risk Control

• Safe Systems of Work

• Permits to Work

• Safety Signs

Session 3: Common Workplace Hazards

• Working at Heights

• Excavations

• Confined Spaces

• Work Equipment/PPE

• Asbestos

• Site Transport

• Electricity

• Lifting Operations/Manual Handling

• Hazardous substances/COSHH

• Noise and Vibration

Session 4: Accidents and Incidents

• Causes of Accidents

• Accident/Incident/Near Miss

• Accident Triangle

• Recording Accidents

• Investigating

Advanced Course

The ECITB International Health & Safety Passport Advanced Course is based on the course that is hugely successful in the UK, with over ½ million workers trained since 1990. The content can be localised to reflect the country or region where the workforce will operate. The training is also designed to support the specific site induction that employees will receive on large industrial complexes.

Day 1

Session 1: Safe Behaviour at Work

• Types of Accidents that Happen at Work

• Causes of Accidents at Work

• Rules at Work

• Why do Things go Wrong?

• Being ‘Reasonably Practical’

• Duties at Work

• Shaping Safety Behaviour

• Health & Safety Inspectors

Session 2: A Safe Place to Work

• Hazard, Risk and Associated Controls

• Confined Spaces

• Work Permits

• Excavations

• Working at Heights

• Fire Risk Control

• Site Vehicles

Day 2

Session 3: Safe Systems of Work

• Work Equipment

• Mechanical Lifting Operations

• Electricity

• Energy & Hazard Isolation

• Manual Handling

Session 4: Safety Problems and Safe Solutions

• Noise

• Vibrating Equipment

• Reporting Accidents

• First Aid

• Hazardous Substances

• Asbestos

• The Environment and Welfare

Supervisor Course

This one day course will provide workers who supervise others with the essential knowledge and skills required to apply good health and safety standards and practices within their workforce. The Supervisor Passport will only be issued to people in possession of a valid ECITB International Health & Safety Passport Advanced Course.

Session 1: Planning for Health and Safety

• Identifying Risks

• Assessing Risks

• Control Hierarchy

• Implementing Safe Practices and Procedures

Session 2: Communicating Effectively

• Communication

• Effective questioning

• Delivering Tool Box Talks

Session 3: Improving Health and Safety

• Performance in your Team

• Reporting Accidents and Incidents

• Accident and Incident Investigation

• Developing and Implementing Improvements

• Workplace Inspections

Session 4: Site Responsibilities for Safety

• Responsibilities of Clients/Main Contractors/Sub-Contractors

• Contrasting Responsibilities

• Supervisors Obligations to Follow Safety Requirements

Renewal Course

Part of the success of the ECITB Safety Passport system is the requirement for each passport holder to renew their passport after three years. The ‘Renewal’ course is a one day training course that will up-date and refresh workers with all the main subjects dealt with in the ECITB International Health & Safety Passports Advanced Course.