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08 July 2015/Categories: Media News

ECITB launches expert webinar series for the Offshore Oil and Gas Industry

The ECITB in conjunction with the Offshore Project Management Steering Group (OPMSG) has launched a pioneering webinar series featuring leading experts and practitioners from the Oil & Gas sector.

At a time of great change for the industry, this exciting new initiative, focused on non-technical behaviours, represents an investment in the knowledge and skills base of the next generation of project managers, engineers and support staff in the Industry.

Based around a full Project Lifecycle, the Oil & Gas Project Management WebinEYE series aims to bring together good practice as demonstrated through application, presented in an engaging and inspiring storytelling webinar led by industry experts.

Lynsey Benson, account manager for the ECITB’s Offshore Region said: “We are absolutely delighted to be launching this new initiative with the offshore community. The WebinEye idea came about through a lot of industry reflection about the kind of skills we would need in the future, and how best we could transfer knowledge to the next generation. The webinar series will hopefully reach a very wide audience, not only in this country, but also internationally.”

The rolling library of events will highlight and challenge common Industry issues, promote a knowledge sharing culture and demonstrate good practice where this occurs. Although contextualised to the Oil & Gas Industry the webinars will also aid the sharing of knowledge across many energy sectors.

The first webinar is targeted for 29 July 2015 and focuses on The Evolution of Project Management in the Oil & Gas Sector with experts Austin Hand, Former General Manager, Global Decommissioning, Shell E&P and Tony Maplesden, Strategic Authority, Projects – WGPSN.

In addition to the companies that contribute to the Offshore Project Management Steering Group, many other industry and professional organisations are showing their support, such as Decomm North Sea, Oil & Gas UK, The Institute of Measurement and Controls and the Major Projects Association.

This is a free service to anyone wishing to join the webinars which encourage ongoing competence development within the workforce.

To view the short video and find out more about the Webinar Series and how to register please visit http://www.ecitb.org.uk/projectmanagement/webinars/