Students inspired to be tomorrow’s project managers

08 August 2015/Categories: Media News

Students inspired to be tomorrow’s project managers

ECITB hosts third Project Management event for 15-17 year olds

This week 36, 15-17 year old students gained direct insight into project management careers at the ECITB’s hugely popular Project Management Residential Course. The event, was held at Reading University, in conjunction with ECITB member companies from its Engineering Design Procurement (EDP) region, Cranfield School of Management and the Smallpeice Trust.

During the week students gained hands-on experience of how engineering construction projects are managed from inception to completion, as well as expert guidance and talks from Cranfield business and project management experts and employers. The course will help students to improve skills in communication, planning, problem solving and team building and enhance their CVs to make their UCAS applications stand out.Students also got the opportunity to talk to companies with representatives from Jacobs, KBR, CB&I, BCECA and Cameron Process Industries donating time and resources to attend the event and give students an insight into where project management skills can be used within their organisations.

David Edwards, ECITB chief executive said:

“Project management skills are essential to all engineering construction projects, large or small and I hope this course gives students a valuable insight into the complicated and exciting world of project management.”

“Thank you to Cranfield School of Management, to our employers and the Smallpeice Trust for supporting this project management course. It’s a fantastic way to engage with young people and get them thinking about their skills and future career choices within the engineering construction industry.”

Bill Johnson, visiting fellow at Cranfield University commented:

“The ECITB Project Management programme has proven once again the value of teaching basic skills at an early age. The introduction and working simulation gave these young people an insight into the industry and the world of work. The opportunity for them to meet real people working in the industry was interesting, engaging and valuable.”

During the four day course, students discovered and practiced their project management skills through a series of interactive scenarios culminating in a team competition managing a ‘state-of-the-art’ construction project. They also gained an understanding of the importance of risk management, ‘real world’ estimating and organizing workloads, while improving their skills in communication, planning, problem solving and team building.

Each team scope out the design and build of the structure, estimate time and cost, understand and plan for potential risks, apply an organised and logical timeline, as well as meet with project managers to learn about some of the challenges they face on a daily basis. Student feedback was excellent. Aaron Ram said:

“The project management course was one of the best things I’ve done. The skills you learn are applicable in any aspect of life. It’s really fun and creative, and the tutors do a great job of making you feel like you own the project”