ECITB welcomes appointment of new training board review chair

ECITB to work with Paul Morrell and the Government to strengthen training boards’ offer to industry

26 October 2016/Categories: Media News

ECITB welcomes the appointment, announced today (Wednesday 26th October), of Paul Morrell OBE as independent chair of the review into the Industrial Training Boards (ITBs).

The review, which was originally announced in the Post-16 Skills plan, will explore ways in which the ITBs can maximise their effectiveness and address future strategic skills needs across the construction and engineering construction industries.

The appointment follows the publication last week of the Farmer Review into the challenges facing the construction industry and the impact on house building. The Engineering construction industry faces different challenges, not least how it ensures it has the right number of sufficiently trained people with the right skills to deliver the UK’s critical infrastructure needs – a challenge that ECITB is facing head on with the industry.

ECITB will be an active partner in the review and has already been involved in shaping its scope and terms and reference. ECITB will also be represented on the review team, ensuring our industry’s needs are taken into account and that the outcomes of the review deliver for the engineering construction industry, not just construction.

Chris Claydon, Chief Executive of ECITB, said:

‘ECITB welcomes the review into the work of the Industry Training Boards and the appointment of Paul Morrell, as independent chair.

For over 25 years, ECITB has been at the forefront of skills provision in the engineering construction industry, correcting the market failure that inhibits investment in training. Through our work in partnership with employers, we have a strong track record of delivering world-class people, standards and qualifications that are valued throughout the industry.

However, we can do more. This review is an excellent opportunity to evaluate the work of the ITBs to date and to work with the Government to place ECITB on an even stronger footing for the future. We are an active partner in this review and will ensure that the needs of engineering construction are fully taken into account.

Chris continued:

One of the biggest priorities for the UK economy over the coming decades is the successful delivery of critical energy infrastructure projects, including the next generation of nuclear power stations, new renewable energy capacity and a series of crucial exploration and decommissioning projects in offshore oil and gas.

ECITB’s role is to make sure our industry has the necessary skilled workforce – without which, these projects simply will not happen.

Alongside our recent restructuring and planned governance reforms, the outcome of the review will help to position ECITB so it can be even more effective in addressing the long-term skills needs of the industry, boosting productivity and home-grown talent, and helping to advance the UK’s status as a leading international destination for engineering excellence.


Notes to editors

1)    ECITB is the statutory skills body for the engineering construction industry in Great Britain. We work closely with employers and the Government to attract develop and qualify engineering construction personnel in a wide range of craft, technical and professional skills and disciplines.

2)    Paul Morrell to advise major review of industrial training boards https://www.gov.uk/government/news/paul-morrell-to-advise-major-review-of-industrial-training-boards

3)    Post 16 Skills Plan https://www.gov.uk/government/uploads/system/uploads/attachment_data/file/536043/Post-16_Skills_Plan.pdf

4)    Farmer Review - http://builduk.org/wp-content/uploads/2016/10/Farmer-Review.pdf


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