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New Nuclear Bursary Launched!

The generous Nuclear Bursary is being offered through the collaboration of NSAN, NDA and ECITB to help address the UK nuclear skills challenges.

08 August 2017/Categories: Press Releases 2016, Press Releases 2017

Are YOU looking to enter or further develop your career in nuclear? 

The Nuclear Bursary provides financial support to individuals for education and training opportunities to help with starting or furthering their professional career in nuclear. The generous Nuclear Bursary is being offered through the collaboration of NSAN, NDA and ECITB to help address the UK nuclear skills challenges.

These bursaries are for individuals working in, or aspiring to work within NSAN & ECITB member supply chain companies (primarily aimed at Small to Medium Enterprise (SME) companies) working in, or aspiring to work in, the decommissioning sector.

The bursary can be used to support individuals working in the sector, on placements, internships, secondments and on programmes of study or training relevant to the nuclear industry with a particular emphasis on Nuclear Professionalism.

Relevant courses of study include: Higher Level Short Courses, Honours Degrees, Masters Degrees, Post Graduate and CPD qualifications relevant to entry to the sector. The Bursary will be used to help towards the cost of the course/training or for books, IT, travel costs etc. required to support the individual with their programme of study.

The Nuclear Bursary is in response to the Nuclear Skills Strategy Group’s (NSSG) Delivery Plan which addresses the issues identified in the NSSG Skills Strategy. One of the work strands detailed in the Delivery Plan is to help deliver against meeting the people requirements:

‘Identify and channel available funds into bursaries and other specific initiatives to ensure timely recruitment and investment in skills’

Please note that consideration should be given before applying to ensure that the proposed course/area of study could not be taken forward via an apprenticeship route. There is considerable funding for apprenticeships and so these Bursary Awards are only available to support programmes outside the remit of apprenticeships.

If you would like someone in your company; someone about to be employed by your company or you as an individual to be considered for a Nuclear Bursary award please contact NSAN for further details.

T 01900 898120

Notes to editors
The National Skills Academy for Nuclear is a ‘not for profit’ membership organisation that exists to improve the performance of companies in the nuclear industry through collaboration and action on skills. NSAN is aiding in improving skills in the nuclear industry by setting the highest standards of excellence, leading the sourcing and provision of skills solutions and expanding our sector’s capabilities. NSAN works collaboratively to deliver outstanding levels of service, enhancing the value we provide to members.
NSAN was approved by government on the 24th September 2007. NSAN is currently celebrating its 10th anniversary during 2017.

More information
All queries in the first instance should be forwarded to Mary Kinsella, Communications Manager, National Skills Academy for Nuclear 01925 578100.