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European Construction Institute joins forces with BRE

ECITB welcomes merger between the European Construction Institute and BRE.

15 September 2017/Categories: Media News, Press Releases 2016, Press Releases 2017

The ECITB welcomes the news that the European Construction Institute (ECI) has joined BRE as of 12 September 2017.  The ECITB has a long-standing partnership with the ECI and fully supports its mission to drive best practice in project execution and delivery across the engineering construction industry.

Chris Claydon, Chief Executive of the ECITB, said:  “Collaboration is key to the effective delivery of major infrastructure projects and there is great value in promoting the sharing of learning and best practice between clients and contractors across engineering and construction sectors.

“Joining the BRE will provide the ECI and its membership with a wide platform of support materials and research on how to deliver projects effectively in the UK construction sector. Likewise, this merger will provide BRE and Constructing Excellence members with the latest best practice research in the European engineering construction sector, including in the areas of project management competence and project delivery frameworks such as the ACTIVE principles.”