Press Releases 2017

ECITB offers the industry a new deal on skills

Leading skills organisation, the ECITB has just announced the start of its industry consultation exercise with companies about new levy proposals for the period 2017-2019.

26 July 2016/Comments (0)

The ECITB and University Technical Colleges

The continuing mission and core purpose of the ECITB is Securing Engineering Construction Skills, now and for the future, with one of the key strands of that mission being the need to attract talented people into the industry through schools, colleges, university outreach programmes and industry transition programmes.

21 June 2016/Comments (0)

Opinion Piece by Paul Atkinson, Interim Chief Executive of the Offshore Contractors Association

OCA and Member Companies actively engaged in building a long term future for the Offshore Oil and Gas Sector.

21 June 2016/Comments (0)

ECITB proud to support Women in Engineering day 2016

The ECITB is flying the flag for the Women in Engineering campaign through various activities across the UK.

21 June 2016/Comments (0)
ECITB launches Project Management Mentoring Programme

ECITB launches Project Management Mentoring Programme

The effective delivery of projects at world-leading standards is vital to the future well-being of the oil and gas sector.

27 May 2016/Comments (0)
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