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Accelerated Experience and Learning Programme (AELP) to focus on oil and gas sector

17 January 2018/Categories: Media News, Communicate, Press Releases 2017

The roll out of the NSSG commissioned Accelerated Experience and Learning Programme, a key programme in the Delivery Plan, is now underway. It is being managed by the Engineering Construction Industry Training Board (ECITB) working with the NSSG with the aim of bringing in expertise from other sectors that might be downsizing.

This important programme recognises that while highly experienced personnel are leaving the nuclear industry due to retirement, other sectors are having to downscale, with no choice but to let go of highly experienced employees.

At its heart will be a tailored programme of learning which includes secondments, training and education, designed to help these individuals to be ready to work in the nuclear industry.  This programme will be bespoke to the needs of this individual and their employing organisation.  A gap analysis will identify what interventions are required to enable the individual to efficiently transition to the nuclear sector, whilst recognising the knowledge, skills and behaviours that they have already developed within their existing industry.

The focus of the pilot is on skills which will translate from other areas and are needed by nuclear, including Control and Instrumentation Technicians and Engineers, Chemists and Emergency Preparedness Engineering.

In the first instance the pilot programme is hoping to utilise surplus skills from the Oil and Gas sector, with a future focus on the military and women returners.

Nuclear Skills Lead, Beccy Pleasant said; “We’re currently seeking out partners to work with us to facilitate programme outcomes and develop interventions that help bring people up to speed with the nuclear industry as quickly as possible. The ECITB  is financially supporting the training and development required to enable the individuals to make this transfer.” 

Project sponsor, Mark Rouse, Business Director - Japan, Cavendish Nuclear and NSSG member added: “These individuals will be supported to transition to work in a new sector, the downsizing organisation benefits from supporting this transfer, and the nuclear sector benefits from bringing in experienced people from other sectors, helping bridge skills gaps, and bring external perspectives to our work.”

Chris Claydon, Chief Executive of the ECITB, said: “The Accelerated Experience and Learning Programme provides a gateway to the nuclear industry from the wider engineering sector, addressing known skills shortages and relaunching individuals and their careers into a rapidly expanding industry with many years of new build, operation and decommissioning activity ahead of it.”