Skills Needs

The ECITB has a comprehensive portfolio of training solutions for Management & Professional Training, Skills & Technical training and Apprenticeships. These are delivered through our approved network of over 170 training providers across Great Britain.

The ECITB has a nationwide presence with regional operations to support employers and learners. Working with employers, local skills agencies and its network of approved training providers, the ECITB is well placed to transfer knowledge and experience to the wind and marine renewables sector, especially in critical areas of health and safety to support sustainable skills development. The ECITB incentivises and trains the supply chain through support systems and an approved training provider network.

The industrial opportunity for the Renewables sector is also significant. The UK now has a significant employment base involved in the development, manufacture, construction and operation of renewable energy projects. 34,000 people now have wind, wave and tidal energy to thank for their employment, a figure likely to increase to over 100,000 by the early 2020s. Over three quarters of wave and tidal investment has been spent in the UK supply chain. Over two thirds of onshore wind spending stays in the UK, with one quarter spent locally.

wind turbine