Case Studies

Case Studies

1. Mechanical Joint Integrity and Small Bore Tubing – helping to drive safety, environment and cost benefits for the Oil & Gas Industry

  • Since 2012, the ECITB Approved Provider network has trained over 11,000 workers in Mechanical Joint Integrity (MJI) and 3,000 workers in Small Bore Tubing (SBT) courses.
  • Approved Providers have delivered over 4,500 technical tests in MJI or SBT with an average pass rate of 90%.
  • The introduction of the ECITB / Step Change in Safety 4 Stage MJI model has seen a marked reduction in Hydrocarbon Releases (HCR) and increase in the skills, knowledge and ability of personnel involved in these safety critical tasks off and onshore. There are now approximately 140 companies using this product including in the Middle East, Far East and Baku.

2. Promoting innovation in Project Management learning for Oil & Gas

Project Management Webinar Series:

  • Unique concept for offshore community
  • Cost effective, wide international reach, pioneering digital solution
  • 18 month webinar series (started June 2015)
  • Expert industry speakers
  • Addressing key industry issues
  • Creating active Project Management community

Project Management Conference Series:

  • Pioneering large scale engagement initiative
  • Second conference November 2015 had over 300 registered attendees.
  • Major industry keynote speakers
  • Proceedings will be developed as Thought Leaders series

ACTIVE Cup Project Management Competition:

  • Highly prized inter-company competition
  • Three day event with up to 12 teams for clients and contractors
  • Simulation of full-scale major Project Management exercise
  • Teams tested on use of ACTIVE Project Management principles
  • Innovative and engaging learning
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